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The Conference World : Winners of "Excellent Paper Award"

Name : Anupriya Pramod Jadhav
Paper title : IR-ASET-PUNE-16106-601
Affiliation : Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Country : India
Paper Abstract : We call WATER as ‘LIFE’. No one can live without water. As everyone knows the recent condition of the whole world, ‘WATER SCARCITY’ not only in Maharashtra or in India but throughout the world. How to conserve water for recent and future use? There are many ways to conserve the water. This study deals with concept of BANKING of water from the depositing money in bank i.e. banking concept of money. As today we save money in bank for future use or future problems. Similarly, water can also be stored and saved for future drought problem if it occurs, we should be prepared for this condition. The goal of water banking in general, is to efficiently allocate all available water to achieve an economic growth while achieving an environmental sustainability. In this study implementing the ‘WATER BANKING’ concept to solve the water scarcity problem in Manmad. Water should be stored in ample quantity, so it can be used for this year and remaining can be used for next year also. To implement water banking concept, it is necessary to increase storage capacity of a already constructed dam(Railway Dam) by removing its silt i.e. ‘DESILTATION OF DAM’ in Manmad city. It leads to increase in storage capacity of dam and ground water level etc. Thus, there is a need to explore a new management design to approach.
Conference Details : IRF International Conference,Pune,16th October 2016

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